Attention: Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers

Our 4-Step Process

Here is the process for our "Done For You" service when you become a client.

Just tell us about your business and goals and we'll get our experts on it.

1. Research your business, market and offers

2. Custom build webinar / video funnel

A Complete Done For You Service To Predictably and Consistently Generate More Sales, Clients and Profits...

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3. Launch traffic system

4. Improve / optimize conversions

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How To Get Started

1. Use the calendar below to schedule a 30 minute discovery call

2. We'll have a chat to see if we can get results for your business and if we're a good fit to work together. 

3 Sales-Wrecking Mistakes That Business Owners Unknowingly Make...

Website is poor with selling

Having a landing page with a buy button is not enough. The audience needs to be persuaded so that they trust you and know that you have what they want.

  • being excited about a certain strategy / method only to be totally disappointed when you tried it?
  • having no sales appointments on your calendar for the day?
  • wasting your time speaking to unqualified prospects?
  • spending hours on a video/webinar only to scrap it after it fails to convert into sales?
  • losing thousands on paid ads before realising it'll never be profitable for your business and then you go on to buy another course?

We've been there and know how it feels.

​Not many business owners have the time, marketing knowledge and the technical skills to create a webinar that works and generate targeted leads.

Our "Done-For-You" service is designed to remove these frustrations and get you results.

Remember, if you don't get the results as promised, we will continue to work for you... for free until you do!

When you become a client, we can take these important, time-consuming marketing tasks off your plate.

Schedule a call now to discuss if we can help your particular business get the results you want...

Making your services sound like a commondity

People like what you have but want to shop around.  A webinar with the right follow up emails will solve this.

There are not enough people seeing your offer

You won't know if your offer works or not because you can't get enough people to see it. Ads are expensive, posting on social media takes time and prospects aren't interested. It's tough!

Who Needs This Complete Service To Generate More Sales, Clients and Profits?

  • A coach, consultant or service provider who wants to see an inbox full of interested leads and a calendar of appointments every day
  • A doctor, dentist, chiropractor or therapist who wants a herd of new patients registering for their services
  • A salesman who needs more leads and who are genuinely interested before they book an appointment
  • A business owner who is spending a fortune on paid ads to their offer and not converting the leads into buyers
  • A business that is not growing and as fast as they like.

If any of the above describes you then our Webinar + Lead Generation 'Done-For-You' System is for you.

By Working With Us, You'll Have...

A high-ticket offer that sells and is in demand

New prospects quickly seeing you as an authority

A followup sequence to maximise sales and goodwill

Automation to minimise work and increase efficiency

Ad costs slashed by at least 50% and increase of quality

Freeing up your time with this 'done for you' service. 

What We Do Is Different...

Forget about courses where most business owners give up and don't take action.

This is a complete "Done-For-You" service.

We Will Build  A Webinar Funnel For Your Business - All The Design, The Script, The Emails, The Automations And The Leads!

Not taking action is not a possibility as we are the ones responsible for implementing the system in your business.

Not getting results is also not a possiblity as we are the ones responsible for getting you results!

Which is why we have a guarantee...

If you don't get the results as promised, we will continue to work for you for FREE... until you do!

There'll be no surprises. 

You won't be paying for a service regretting that you should have known "it's too good to be true" or wish you'd have "known what you were getting".

Not Getting Anywhere With Your Business

How many times have you experienced...

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