This is a special opportunity to work directly with Alan Cheng, an experienced digital marketer who started online marketing back in 2000.

Clients normally have these calls to:

1. Solve several problems which are hindering their progress such as their offer, leads, conversion, and reputation

2. Grow and scale their already successful business

3. Develop a 12 month strategy for their business to increase sales and growth

4. Review their sales funnel , ads or marketing material

How This Works

1. Book your 50 minute coaching call with Alan.

2. Fill in the details of what you want to achieve on the call.

3. Before the coaching call, make sure you have updated Zoom to its newest version and have tested your microphone. 

4. You will be sent a copy of the coaching call.

1:1 Coaching With Alan Cheng

A 50 minute, one-on-one coaching with an experienced marketer and business owner, is the most effective and quickest way to make progress with your business.

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