Having a digital marketing expert on your team will eliminate a lot of problems and make life a lot easier.

Technical configurations, writing content, managing your ad accounts, getting more leads etc… can all be taken off your plate. 

Imagine the progress and sales you’ll make, and not having to worry about how to get things done.

It's a no-brainer.

How This Works

1. Schedule a 10 min quick call with a member of our team to discuss what you need done and we’ll answer any questions that you have. 

2. We’ll give you an estimate of the time needed. 

3. You’ll purchase the number of hours estimated.

4. A person will assigned to look after your account. Any requests, changes and feedback are via live chat and email.

Simple and effective. 

But many business owners don't have this luxury because:

Reason #1: It’s hard to find someone who is both technical and marketing savvy

Reason #2: It’s damn expensive 

Here’s the solution...

Here are some typical prices for an agency:

  • a good copywriter for a salesletter - $5,000 
  • manage your Facebook account - $2,000 to $2,500k per month 
  • email marketing - $100 - $200 per email
  • creating a webinar - $1,000


If you need to have several of these done for your business, then you’ll need to make a lot of profit to make it worthwhile.

Here’s the good news…

The cost to hire an Elite Virtual Marketer is only $35 per hour

So if it takes 14 hours to create and design a 45 minute webinar, it will cost you $490 to hire an EVM instead of $1,000 for an agency.

If it takes 6 hours to create and manage your Facebook ads account, it will cost you $210 to hire an EVM  instead of $2,500 to an agency.

The savings are significant for a business owner.

Most importantly, we are confident that you will be more than happy with the quality of the work.

The Elite Virtual Marketers are all fully trained and have the skills to deliver the results you want.

Elite Virtual Marketer

These are experts who work remotely and can confidently perform digital marketing tasks for your business

There’s no need to give them office space, pay their taxes, insurance or pension.

Just pay for their time and see the results.

Here are some of the tasks Elite Virtual Marketers can do for you:

  • Design and write your landing pages
  • Write compelling content
  • Create your webinar from scratch (script and the slides)
  • Create a sales video (script and slides) to sell your products / course
  • Write your email sequences and configure your autoresponder
  • Edit your videos and embed them on your web pages
  • Configure marketing software (ClickFunnels, Kartra, aWeber, Zapier etc…)
  • Run paid ads to generate leads and sales
  • Design and integrate a Manychat sequence to increase conversions

Hire Your Own Elite Virtual Marketer Who Specialises In Digital Marketing, Copywriting & The Technical Stuff... Without The Premium Prices!

These are tasks which online businesses need on a regular basis to rapidly grow.

As you can see, they are very technical and very knowledgeable in marketing.

Here are tasks that we DO NOT suggest the Elite Virtual Marketer to do: 

  •  Creating graphics  (there are experts better than our EVMs for this)
  • Simple tasks such as replying to emails / answering phone calls (assigning more complex tasks will be a better use of your money).

Schedule Your Call

For An Elite Virtual Marketer

Make no mistake.

Our Elite Virtual Marketers  are not freelancers from Fiverr or a fresh grad looking to earn some money.

They are our staff who have worked and trained with the best in our agency and are ready to move up a level and do work for clients.

Hiring them out will test their skills in the real world and give them valuable experience.

All the tasks delivered are overseen by our senior marketer so we guaranteed that you’ll receive professional work.

However, we don’t have many Elite Virtual Marketers and they may not stay in this role for long. 

You may occasionally need to be added on a waiting list depending on the demand.

If you’ve always wanted to hire a digital marketing expert to help you increase sales and improve your marketing without paying high fees, now’s your chance.

Schedule a call to get started on hiring your Elite Virtual Marketer...

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