Coaches, service providers and consultants approach us to implement their sales funnel to achieve one or more of the following:

1. Sales (products / courses)

2. Leads

3. Establish Trust

4. Generate sales appointments

Every sales funnel is unique to the business which is why the process involves deeply understanding the business and goals and knowing what works in converting the visitor.

How To Get Started

1. Book your 30 minute sales funnel call with one of our experts.

2. Provide some details of what you and your business do.

3. On the call, Alan or one of our experts, will discuss your needs and then design a sales funnel for your business.

4. If we think we can help you get the results you want, we will give you a quote for the project. 

5. You can decide to work with us or take a few days to think about it.

6. We'll give you a schedule of all the tasks and we'll meet regularly to report on the progress.

If that sounds good, book your sales funnel call below to see if we can help you.

Sales Funnel

We will custom design and implement a high-converting sales funnel to generate sales, leads, trust and sales appointments for your business powered with paid ads.

Book Your Sales Funnel Call

The Different Types Of Funnels

The type of funnel we implement depends on your goals and your situation.

Example 1: 

If you're a coach or agency and you'd want the prospect to get on the phone with you to discuss your coaching/services then your funnel would look like:

Ads >> Optin For Free Info >> Webinar >> Email Follow Up >> Book Call

Some businesses prefer to use automated webinar / video sales letter or a valuable free report in place of the webinar.  

For the emails, there are several campaigns depending if they're late / left early / didn't book a call.

Example 2:

If you want to sell an information product / course or a book then your funnel would probably look like:

Ads >> Optin For Free Info >> Order Form >> Email Follow Up >> Payment

Normally the bulk of the profit is made with the upsell and downsell which are made after the initial sale.

In all funnels, the email marketing and the ad re-targeting (which are basically reminding the prospects of your offer if they haven't bought), are essential in converting the prospect.

You can choose to have us implement the whole sales funnel for you or parts of it as some businesses prefer to run their own ads or create their own video sales letter.

Why Have Us Create Your Sales Funnel?

We do not work with any business.

We only work with businesses that we have confidence and experience in delivering results for.

This is why we only work with coaches, service providers and consultants.

If you're not a match then we'd know on the call and will kindly tell you right away.

For the right business, we'd be delighted to help you get the results we've managed to have with our other clients.

Janet Clarke - CEO of The Freedom Shift

Nancy Sherr - Career Coach